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Before using our website, know our Privacy Policy & Cookies 

The Mistério da Terra S.A., as Golden Eagle project owner, in its commercial activities, needs to collect some personal data of its clients. However, it respects the right to privacy and doesn’t collect any personal information without previous consent of its owners. In the quality of data controller, the Mistério da Terra S.A., recognizes the importance of protecting Customer’s personal data, regardless of its nature. For this reason, it has developed a set of security actions aimed to protecting the personal data provided.

On the other hand, the need to integrate and preserve the personal data of its customers, provided through the “Customer Contact Form” or “Sales” is justified by the desire to provide a better service that meets the interests manifested, or improve the browsing performance on our site, by collecting data through small files commonly known as cookies.

The Mistério da Terra S.A. Privacy Policy & Cookies was made to provide a clear understanding of how we collect, use, share and protect personal data of our customers when they use our services or visit our site.

The Mistério da Terra S.A. doesn’t market personal data of data owners and users, or does it ask for sensitive data.

Your data will be collected and processed by: Mistério da Terra S.A., corporate entity number 509 623 794, with Headquarters at Rua Casal do Canas, 14, 3 A, 2790-204 Carnaxide, hereinafter referred as Mistério da Terra S.A.. This is the company responsible for the processing of personal data pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred as RGPD). For questions related to the processing of your personal data, please contact us from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m., through:

  • Tel.: (+351) 211 339 057 (National landline network phone call)
  • Fax.: (+351) 211 395 045
  • Email:
  • Registered Letter: Customer Service, Rua Casal do Canas, 14, 3 A, 2790-204 Carnaxide

By providing your personal data to Mistério da Terra S.A., the owner acknowledges and agrees that they will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy and with the rules and principles contained in the respective terms and conditions of the services used. To this extent, and with respect to the processing of personal data, its holder should read this Privacy Policy & Cookies.

Also, we inform you that, whenever deemed necessary, we will amend this Privacy Policy & Cookies without prior authorization, but which will be given notice.

Any information, of any nature and regardless of its Support, related to a natural person, directly or indirectly identified or identifiable (data subject).

Personal data collected by Mistério da Terra S.A., shall be limited to those strictly necessary for the purpose of the processing, such as: name, address, tax number, telephone number or e-mail address, but other data may be collected for payment, products delivery or services.

The personal data that we collect from our customers are requested when making a contract, a purchase or an ordering of products or services on our website Golden Eagle, when the creation of an account on the customer area, or when submit the contact form on our website.

Some of the personal data are mandatory. The Mistério da Terra S.A., will report this obligation. The provision of incorrect or inaccurate data is responsibility of the customer who owns them.

The Mistério da Terra S.A., collects and process data in different areas:

  • Client Management;
  • Marketing or Telemarketing;
  • Profile Definition.

And shall be collected and processed to the appropriate, relevant and limited when necessary for the following purposes:

  • Disclosure by e-mail, message or telephone of product promotions marketed by Mistério da Terra, S.A.;
  • Disclosure by e-mail, message or telephone of commercial information, campaigns and/or events;
  • Information about products marketed by Mistério da Terra, S.A.;
  • Customer management, including invoice preparation and processing orders;
  • Development of targeted marketing actions, as well as analysis of consumer profiles and development of actions for customer loyalty;
  • Integration in recruitment processes.

According to the following specifications: 

  • Client Management: Once Mistério da Terra S.A., is dedicated, among other services, to the purchase and sale of properties and the resale of those acquired for this purpose, including real estate promotion; management and renting properties, civil construction, provide civil construction services, import and export of construction materials, the processing of your data is necessary for the fulfillment of the purchase and sale contract or the provision of services to conclude or to carry out pre-contractual steps at the request of the data subject. The availability of your personal data is essential for the execution of the contracts already or to be celebrated, in the fields marked “obligatory”. Personal data collected for this purpose will be retained for one year of inactivity.
  • Marketing or Telemarketing: The Mistério da Terra S.A. may process the personal data collected to send to the respective owner information about products and/or services that they commercialize. This processing personal data will be carried out only with the express agreement of its owner, when obtained through the creation of costumer card in the store, an online account through our website or when subscribing to our newsletter. If you agree, you’ll receive marketing communications through e-mail, mail, telephone or message. We may share personal data collected with third parties that manage social networks, such as Facebook, for the purpose of conducting marketing campaigns through social networks. Consent for the processing of personal data for the purposes of direct marketing can be revoked at any time by its owner. Personal data collected for this purpose will be retained for two years of inactivity.
  • Profile Definition: Mistério da Terra S.A., realizes the definitions of profiles based on the information related to the purchases on our physical and/or online stores, registering the products purchased, amounts paid, date and time, as well as the place of purchase. The information collected is used to identify its consumption profile, allowing Mistério da Terra, S.A. to improve its offer and plan its communication, sending personalized and adequate information to the profile of each data holder.

The personal data collected will also be treated to answer the questions, suggestions or complaints presented by the respective owner to the Mistério da Terra S.A. personal data may not be treated in a way that is incompatible with the purposes set forth above, without prejudice to its subsequent processing for other legal purposes. 

The personal data collected by Mistério da Terra S.A. could be hosted, shared and communicated to other companies of the shareholder structure. In the situations where personal data are transferred or located in other companies, the levels of confidentiality, security and protection will be fully guaranteed.

The Mistério da Terra S.A. may use subcontractors for all or part of the purposes identified above, as well as for the maintenance, accommodation and management of its computer systems and equipment, under the terms permitted by the legislation governing the processing of personal data, to maintain confidentiality and to guarantee the security with respect to the personal data to which they have access, for that purpose, not having to use that data for any other purposes, or for their own benefit, or to relate them with other data that they possess.

Personal data also could be given to the courts and other competent authorities, in strict compliance with the law. The personal data collected by the Mistério da Terra S.A. will be processed within the European Union.

The Mistério da Terra maintains de personal data during the time previously said and only for the period straightly necessary or for the fulfillment of legal obligations. In any case, once finished the relation with the data holders, they will no longer be treated for commercial purposes.

Mistério da Terra S.A. is committed to implement all the necessary precautions in order to preserve the confidentiality and security of personal data collected and treated, preventing them to be distorted, damage, destroyed or unauthorized third parties have access to them.

High level security measures have been developed, especially in information systems. However, we cannot control all the risk related to the use of the Internet, making an alert for the eventual risk associated with its use and operation and, consequently, the sharing of personal data by this route.

Mistério da Terra S.A. undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the information of personal data given by the Clients and to guarantee the rights of its owners.

According to legislation in force, the holder of the personal data has the right:

  • Requesting treatment providers to access their personal data;
  • To receive personal data concerning the holder and to transmit this data to another controller (“Portability”);
  • That Mistério da Terra S.A. and/ or any entity to which the Group has transmitted its personal data with its prior consent, apply technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of protection against unauthorized or unlawful treatment and against its loss, destruction or accidental damage by adopting appropriate technical or organizational measures;
  • To the opposition of processing your data;
  • To the rectification, limitation of processing or erasure of your personal data (“right to be forgotten”);
  • To withdraw your consent in data treatment at any time and that withdrawal does not compromise the lawfulness of data treatment based on previously given consent;
  • To be informed without undue delay when a breach of personal data is likely to involve a high risk to their rights and freedoms;
  • To submit complaints to the control authorities;
  • Not be subject to any decision taken solely based on automated processing, including profiling, having legal effects or significantly affecting it;
  • To oppose that your data would be used for the purpose of creating your profile.

The holder of personal data should to be aware that, in certain cases (for example, due to legal imperative), his request may not be immediately fulfilled. In any case, you’ll be informed about the taken decisions to that effect, within a maximum of one month from the moment that the request is made.

The holder can also withdraw his consent, when applicable, through the channels made available for this purpose by the Mistério da Terra S.A. However, the withdraw of consent does not compromise the legality of treatment made on the basis of the prior consent given or the subsequent treatment of the same data, based on another legal basis, such as the fulfillment of the contract or the legal obligation to which the Mistério da Terra S.A. subject.

In accordance with the GDPR, data subjects can exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition, limitation and elimination of personal data concerning them. For any questions regarding the collection and processing of data by the Mistério da Terra S.A., the holder may contact the Data Protection Officer of the Mistério da Terra S.A. through the email address:

You can also make a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), Rua de São Bento 148, 1200-031 Lisboa, about the way Mistério da Terra S.A. collects and processes personal data.

As already said, Mistério da Terra S.A. collects and processes personal data needed for the availability and operation of its website, while ensuring adequate levels of security and protection of the personal data of its users. For that, some physical, logical, technical and organizational security actions have been adopted in order to protect personal data against unauthorized diffusion, loss, misuse, alteration, treatment or access, as well as against any other form of illicit treatment.

Despites the security actions adopted, the user should keep secret of their codes, not sharing them with none, and must follow the recommended security practices, the installation and update of the necessary security applications, namely antivirus.

Mistério da Terra S.A. uses cookies on its website, as small text files with relevant information that the access device (computer, mobile phone / smartphone or tablet) carries through the browser when a website is visited by the user.

The cookies used by the Mistério da Terra S.A. allows them to improve the performance and browsing experience of your users, increasing both response speed and efficiency, and eliminating the need of always enter the same information.

The use of cookies not only helps the website recognize the user’s device next time, but also will be helpful for the operation of the site. The cookies used by the Mistério da Terra S.A. does not collect personal information that allows the identification of the user, saving only generic information, namely the country of access and the way the user uses the website, among others.

Cookies retain only information related to user’s preferences and the user can, at any time ant through his browser, decide to be notified about the reception of cookies as well as block their entry into his system.

It is warned, however, that the refusal to use cookies may result in the impossibility of accessing some of the areas of the Golden Eagle’s website.

Mistério da Terra S.A. uses different types of cookies, as described below:

  • Essential Cookies: some cookies are essential to assess specific areas of Golden Eagle website, allowing you to navigate and use applications, such as the access to security areas of website, through login. Without these cookies, services that need them, won’t be provided.
  • Functionality Cookies: Functionality cookies allow to remember the preference of users in navigation of website, not needing to personalize it and reconfigure every time they came into the website;
  • Analytical Cookies: These cookies are used to analyze the way user uses the website, making possible to highlight articles or services that may be interesting, and monitoring websites performance, knowing which pages are more popular, which method linking pages is more efficient, or to determine the reason some page are receiving some error messages. These cookies are used only for creation and statistical analysis, without ever collect personal information. Thus, the Mistério da Terra S.A. can provide a high-quality experience by customizing your offer and quickly identifying and correcting any problems that arise.

Also, regarding validity, there are two types of cookies:

  • Permanent Cookies: cookies that are stored on the access devices (computer, mobile phone, smartphone or tablet), at the browser level, and are used every time the user visits the Golden Eagle website. In general, are used to redirect the navigation according to the interest of the user, allowing the Golden Eagle to provide a more personalized service;
  • Session Cookies: temporary cookies are generated and available until the end of session. Next time the user access to the browser, cookies are no longer stored. The information obtained make possible manage sessions, identify problems and supply better navigation experiences.

Mistério da Terra S.A. may also use cookies in the opening of newsletters / emails, for statistical purposes and that let you know if they are open or check the clicks through links or ads within the newsletter. The user always has the possibility to deactivate the sending of the newsletters / electronic mail through the specific option in the footer of the same ones.

The Privacy Policy and Cookies, whenever deemed necessary, we will amend this without prior authorization, but which will be given notice and immediately updated on the Privacy and Cookies Policy link at the foot of our website, so you should consult the most recent version each time you access it and / or performs an operation that collects personal data.

Last update: 09 april 2024